Are you looking for the most suitable tires for your Toyota highlander? This mid-size crossover, consisting of compelling and outstanding qualities, offers superior ride. Highlander is surely going to put you at premium comfort through its incredible car dynamics. It stuns you through its classy exterior and advanced features.

Well, to ensure quality and worthy ride, choosing the right tires becomes your priority, right? Whether you have to deal with harsh winter conditions in your area or bumpy roads, you need to opt for the best tires for the Toyota highlander. Read the detailed and comprehensive reviews down below to get your hands on the premium tires that fit all your needs and requirements.

Best All-Season Tires for Toyota Highlander

1.Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort: 7 Handling:9 Traction: 10

Are you looking for endurance as the most superior quality of your tires? Then Goodyear Assurance Maxlife is surely the perfect fit for you. This tire, offering exceptional durability and astounding trade life is not going to disappoint you. In fact, it is known as the best yet standard touring tire in the market. This has much more to it so dive in!

Due to great and thoughtful tire production, this tire is reported to promise superb mileage. Further, it deals with the weather challenges like a champion. From wet roads to completely dry ones, it is going to make your Toyota highlanders perfectly stabilized and moving. Along with that, it surely doesn’t compromise on your driving comfort.

Moreover, its tread pattern is detailed and makes the traction astounding. The solid and superior traction allows you to drive with more confidence and style. It is indeed unbeatable. With great braking, the astounding trade life along with incredible reliability are other plus points. Lastly, the solid grip and great temperature resistance certainly makes this one of the best tires for Toyota highlanders.


  • Saves fuel

  • Great traction

  • Superior grip

  • Solid braking

  • Astounding trade life


  • Not suitable for bumps

  • Noisy

2.Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

Ride Quality: 9 Noise: 9 Comfort: 10 Handling: 8 Traction: 8

Our second pick for best tires for Toyota highlander is Pirelli Scorpion due to excellent treadwear warranty, unbreakable performance and solid traction. This is the ultimate champion on the road and is known as the best touring one. Standing off among the rest of its competitors, the responsiveness of this tire is what you are going to love.

Further, the treadwear warranty is not so great, extending a limit of 65,000 miles. Additionally, the grip is astounding, may it be a wet road or a dry one. So is the case with traction. Due to the intricate tread pattern, the traction is superior and unmatched. When it comes to the difficult snow conditions, it pulls it off like a true tire king.

In addition to that, this eco-friendly crossover is exceptionally improved in terms of rolling resistance. When compared to its predecessor, its traction together with tread wear resistance has also been improved. The lightweight of these tires guarantee better fuel economy. Furthermore, it greatly reduces the emissions of CO2 which is excellent for the environment

Moreover, no matter how harsh the conditions get, it's quiet operation is going to stun you truly. Particularly on dry roads, its performance is appreciable and compelling. Get yourself these premium tires now and have a comfortable, quiet and stabilized journey. It is a perfect pick for all those car fanatics out there.


  • Great handling

  • Superior wet traction

  • Solid braking

  • Exceptionally quiet

  • Truly comfortable


  • Not a very appreciable treadwear warranty

3.Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Pus

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort:10 Handling: 8.8 Traction: 9.1

This quality tire is yet another great pick due to great fuel economy and excellent traction. This promises to offer great traction and excellent stability along with handling during all weather conditions. Surviving snow is the hardest test for the tire and this tire passes it with minimal effort.

This offers superior comfort and a steady ride due to the thoughtful tread pattern. This will let you have a stabilized journey even on bumpy terrains. Along with that, the responsiveness of this tire is compelling and quite commendable. How can we forget the quiet operation of these that lets you enjoy your way in peace and comfort?

Moreover, it features exceptional stability together with circumferential grooves. Further, these versatile tires can be used during all seasons and on multiple types of terrains. Another worth nothing feature is how wide the groove pattern is which makes the tires highly appropriate for dry and wet pavements. The notches provide, further, greater traction and grip. Go for these to make your experience worth it!


  • Exceptional stability

  • Great fuel economy

  • Solid traction


  • Not ideal snow performance

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Toyota Highlander

1.Continental CrossContact LX20

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort:8.5 Handling: 7.5 Traction: 10

Strongly and sturdily built with a reinforced steel frame, this touring tire stands out in durability and reliability. LX20 from continental cross contact features a detailed tread pattern which enhances the grip together with traction. Moreover, it makes the fuel mileage better than others as it uses eco-friendly, quality products to compose the upper layer.

One of the best and worth mentioning features of this tire is exceptional steering response and as a result of that incredible driving feel. This is achieved through the continuous design of the center rib. This makes the journey steady and much more stabilized. Featuring symmetrical and intricate tread pattern, it comes equipped with circumferential grooves. These are 4 in number. Whether the pavement is wet or dry, the traction is superior and exclusive.

Moreover, the tires eliminate the noise making the experience quiet and peaceful. Due to that, the ride quality is exceptional. In order to ensure great durability and incredible strength, use of reinforced steel has been done. The belts are composed of steel. The rim furthers adds to the strength. Say no to any damage and wear with these superior tires.


  • Incredible durability

  • Quiet experience

  • Great traction


  • Expensive

2.Michelin Premier LTX

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort:10 Handling: 8 Traction: 9

With advanced features and great qualities, this qualifies as one of the best tires for Toyota highlander. Due to eco-friendly components, strong construction and exceptional performance, these look premium and oh- so-desirable. The use of materials like silica increases the traction as well as the grip. The traction is made superior through integrated evergrip technology. This is further improved through a symmetric pattern. The braking is reduced as well.

Moreover, the grooves are wide which lets the tires survive even during the hard, snow season. Further, these tires are certainly the best when it comes to superior comfort. It lets you have a comfortable and steady journey, no matter how dry and bumpy the pavement is. We absolutely love how quiet these tires are. This lets you have a smooth and comfortable time during driving.

The use of polyamide not only enhances the strength but also provides right structural integrity and proper structure. With great responsiveness and high quality construction, there is hardly anything you would have to compromise on. So purchase yourself the absolute best for your Toyota Highlander.


  • Great construction

  • Quiet operation

  • Incredible stability


  • Not that good in snow

Best Winter Tires for Toyota Highlander

1.Michelin Latitude X-Ice Xi2

Ride Quality: 8 Noise Comfort: 9 Handling:6 Traction: 8

This tire certainly snatches a spot as being the best winter tire of this year due to astounding fuek economy and great traction. The braking traction in wet pavements is exceptional. Although the handling is a bit low, other great features truly compensate for that.

Offering exceptional ice performance, this becomes the appropriate tire of winter. Moreover, the traction is solid and astounding. The braking distance is also really short and highly reduced. Another quality feature is incredible dry braking which puts you safe. When compared to other nordic tires, this one stands out in the rolling resistance.


  • Incredible rolling resistance

  • Great design

  • Excellent traction


  • Low handling

2.Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort: 8 Handling: 9 Traction: 8

Whether you have to drive on snow or it is slush, these winter tires are specially designed to stun you through their quality design and outstanding performance. May it be hydroplaning or wet traction, may it be ice tracking or incredible friction, these tires don't disappoint you. With right winter competence, it features hydrophilic coating. The NanoPro tech is going to make your winter driving absolutely safe and sound.

The block edges together with wide and spaced tread patterns allows the snow to get in. This enhances the traction. Moreover, it comes with enhanced flexibility due to original rubber composition on the outer tire surface. Allowing great and wider contact, this is indeed the ideal and our personal favorite winter tires.


  • Wider contact

  • Greater flexibility

  • Spaced tread pattern


  • A little pricey

Best High-Performance Tires for Toyota Highlander

1.Yokohama Parada Spec X

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort: 9 Handling:8 Traction:7

Featuring aggressive yet directional pattern, the tire is sure to perform like a beast on all roads and pavements. Together with that, the wet traction is also quite commendable and appreciable. In order to ensure incredible steering and smooth drive, Yokohama parada has centered rib design. No matter how high the load becomes, the great and exceptional cornering capabilities is surely going to handle it with ease.

Moreover, it reduces the noise, may the road be bumpy or levelled, it ensures smooth and sound drive. To make water drainage effective, it features wide as well as deep grooves in tread pattern. This particularly aids during wet weather conditions. The steel belts plus the strong rims enhances the durability. The high- quality rubber is going to protect your tires from any kind of damage. You are surely going to have a pleasant and sound driving experience with these tires in your highlander.


  • Quiet tires

  • Exceptional wet performance

  • Aggressive tread pattern


  • Costly

Best Tires for Toyota Highlander: Buying Guide

There are few factors you should definitely consider before choosing a tire for yourself. What the climate conditions will be, how often you drive and other factors determine what tires you should go for. In order to ensure you select the right one for you, we have a detailed buying guide for you to know. Choose wisely and enjoy a comfortable ride with premium tires of your choice.

During the mild weather conditions, one should opt for the all-season tires for their Toyota Highlander

All season tires are an appropriate tire for your Toyota highlander if you reside in an average weather area. Composing tread patterns together with the rubber compounds, it makes them super suitable for wet weather conditions. Along with that, it can survive the ranges of cold as well as hot temperatures which makes them ideal for the average ones.

The rubber used is for the sole reason that it enhances the flexibility. This will aid the tire to function perfectly even if the weather gets a bit harsh and cold. One important thing to note is that don’t get confused by its name. The all-season is not really suitable for all-seasons. Although they are flexible around the whole year, you don’t have to go for them if weather conditions get really cold in your area. The tires dedicated to exceptional performance for winters are also available.

Offering decent and solid traction and maintaining great performance up to 40 Fahrenheit, they are very effective. Longer life and ability to surpass various trains are other qualities one longs for in their tires. You should definitely go for these during mild weather conditions.

Harsh weather conditions demand you to go for a winter or either a summer tire for your Toyota Highlander

Living in a harsh winter weather condition demands that you go for winter tires. The tires specifically dedicated for winter are composed through quality, thicker rubber. This will let them retain their incredible performance during cold. This also makes them very soft and equally flexible. Due to this, they will promise solid give and stable handling. Further, they will improve traction making it superior.

Moreover, these tires consist of grooves which are very tiny, generally termed as sipes. The sipes are going to be in the tread block which will effectively disperse the water. Moreover, it will also let you prevent aquaplaning. Whether it is snow or any slush, this provides infinite grip due to the astounding groove pattern. Further, the cavities for snow are provided using the deep and engraved tread pattern. The snow itself will form an exceptional grip with the outer snow thus improving traction and making the journey safe.

Coming towards the summer tires which guarantees incredible performance during warmer months. They feature some hard exterior. It, however, carried the ability to soften. Therefore, it makes them suitable for dry as well as wet weather conditions. The grip is the main point considered in these tires. They are thoughtfully made by ensuring guaranteed solid grip on wet pavements as well as dry lands.

Although specially made for the summer, they can be used in winter as well. This is due to the versatile rubber composure of these tires. Additionally, these enhance the fuel economy and make your experience worthwhile. Lastly, the distanced tread pattern will achieve great handling and superior grip dueing the summer season.

Get the high-performance tire for ultimate driving experience in your Toyota highlander

Maximum handling, superior cornering and great control, this is what you are going to get with your high- performance tires. Moreover, these are advanced and efficient. This comes integrated with an anti-lock braking system which makes these the tires of the future. Promising greater speed on wet as well as dry pavements, these tires are sure to make your experience pleasant and worth driving.

In addition to that, the unique and intricate tread patterns, quality construction and the right material make the driving pleasant and absolutely safe. The rubber used is top-notch and high quality which will serve well during all seasons. Get yourself these for the ultimate driving experience with excellent cornering and premium control.

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