Best Tires for Ford Escape

Best Tires for Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is one of the most compact crossovers, and its popularity as an SUV has made it a household name. No matter what type you drive, there are perfect tires for your vehicle! The conditions where it needs to be driven can affect which set will work best in those areas.

But don't worry - we've got everything from All Terrain Tires that offer excellent traction on wet roads or dry performance with low noise levels, so they'll still get you where ever need to go without making too much racket along the way; We have something just right no matter how often drivers find themselves stuck behind slower cars because their choice not only has them covered while driving around town but also when tackling tough off-road terrain like dunes at times.

Best All-Season Tires for the Ford Escape

1.Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max - 205/55R16 91H Tire is among the best all-weather tires, capable of driving in snow and dry conditions. Even better, the tread life of the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tire exceeds most competitive tires by up to 2 times, providing long-lasting durability and less frequent replacements. With its substantial puncture protection belt under the tread, this tire also provides better safety for drivers prone to getting flat tires or who have had previous experience with them.

The tread design of the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tire also provides enhanced resistance against hydroplaning, which is a dangerous situation that occurs when vehicles lose traction in wet conditions.

Where the Goodyear Assurance is lacking is that it lacks deep snow traction because of its "open shoulder" design. this helps reduce hydroplaning risk during wet conditions by providing a wider contact patch that allows water to escape through grooves between tread blocks where it does not build up under the footprint.


  • Superior tread wear and quiet ride

  • Enhanced resistance to hydroplaning

  • Good performance in wet and dry conditions


  • Expensive

  • Requires an expensive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to monitor all tires.

  • Lacks deep snow traction

Michelin Defender

Michelin Defender 215/60R16 97H Tire for Ford Escape is designed for SUVs and crossovers with either front or all-wheel-drive systems to deliver excellent performance in the most challenging driving conditions, including wet roads and snow-packed streets so you can stay on track no matter what. The tire guarantees a smooth ride even when your vehicle is fully loaded thanks to its solid center rib, which runs along the entire tread face making it one of the best tires out there if you are looking for traction without sacrificing comfort! It also performs well under high-speed cornering due to its shoulder blocks allow gripping power through any turn.

Not all is sunshine and roses. The tire performs poorly under high-speed cornering because its shoulder blocks allow gripping power through any turn. For example, if you will make a U-turn at higher speeds, there might be some difficulty in turning since the grip will not be as strong as expected due to this feature. It also tends to have more trouble with hydroplaning than other tires available on the market today, so paying attention while driving can prevent accidents.


  • Superior grip even on wet or icy roads

  • Long tread life


  • It does not perform particularly well in off-road conditions

Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia

This product is an all-season tire that performs well in most weather conditions, including light snow. It provides the driver with good handling ability and enhanced steering response while minimizing road noise for better ride comfort. The Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia - 215/65R16 96T Tire has four wide circumferential grooves which quickly remove water to resist hydroplaning, increasing safety during the wet driving condition.

Its unique "Limited Warranty" design helps restore tread wear by evenly distributing stress on the tires when used under normal driving circumstances making it more durable than other tires of a similar type providing longer wear life. Moreover, this Bridgestone product has three wide longitudinal grooves that provide increased stability and better handling.

The Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia - 215/65R16 96T starts missing points because it is not designed for off-road use. The tire features a low rolling resistance design which allows it to deliver better fuel efficiency on the road but hinders its ability to provide traction in muddy or unpaved areas.


  • The tire provides excellent handling in wet or dry conditions

  • Increased fuel efficiency on the road

  • Reliable traction on snow-covered roads


  • Not recommended for off-road use

Best Winter Tires for the Ford Escape 

The Michelin Premier LTX

The Premier LTX is a new all-season tire for SUVs and Crossovers. Developed on Michelin's full ground contact LTX platform, the Premier LTX delivers excellent handling in most conditions, including light snow. The tire has three wide circumferential grooves to evacuate water quickly from beneath the tread, reducing hydroplaning and offering great wet traction with an open shoulder design that helps reduce road noise.

What's more, the Tire features ramped siping inside of its block edges which creates small channels that help retain biting edges by keeping them free of debris and helping maintain grip when transitioning between directions at low speeds. It also uses highly angled outer lugs adjacent to the sidewall slope, making them less likely to fold over during a turn. Additionally, the tire's shoulder lugs have been given an asymmetric design with deeper tread in front to increase cornering stability and enhance handling on wet surfaces.

The Premier LTX downside is the ride comfort isn't that good compared with most other tires, and they also tend not to be very quiet either. These aren't dealbreakers if you're using them for commuting or cruising around town.


  • Excellent Handling

  • Great Wet Traction


  • Poor Ride

The Hakkapelitta R SUV Winter Tire

The Hakkapelitta R SUV winter tire features a new compound and construction that offers enhanced grip on snow and ice and increased stability in demanding driving situations such as cornering and braking while providing impressive fuel efficiency.

Even better, The Nokian Hakkapelitta R SUV is an excellent choice for people who want to stay safe and comfortable on winter roads. The tire's asymmetrical tread pattern with three wide grooves efficiently evacuates slush under the tire while providing optimal grip in demanding driving situations. In addition, a high number of sipes ensure good braking performance even when wet road conditions prevail and improved cornering stability.


  • Safe and comfortable on winter roads

  • Good braking performance even when wet road conditions prevail and improved cornering stability.


  • The Nokian Hakkapelitta R SUV winter tire is not designed for use in warm climates.

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 for Ford Escape is an all-season tire that provides dependable traction in snow and on wet roads. It has a deep tread to provide excellent water evacuation thus, preventing hydroplaning while decreasing the risk of aquaplaning. The non-directional tread design helps offer enhanced performance when driving at high speeds in rain and snow conditions by helping prevent irregular wear patterns from forming during cornering and acceleration/ deceleration. Its V-shaped and asymmetric grooves offer winter grip with great handling stability even on snowy or icy roads due to its self-cleaning capabilities, which help increase braking power when accelerating out of corners. However, this tire does not perform well under harsh weather conditions like those with extremely cold temperatures.

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 downfall is a low profile tire which means there is less surface area touching the ground relative to its overall height than standard tires. This design helps lower resistances and makes it easier for you to maneuver your vehicle around corners or in traffic on roads that are crowded with other vehicles. However, this type of construction can be more sensitive when driving over damaged road surfaces such as potholes because there will not be enough cushion between your car's wheels and the road below. At the same time, some models have been engineered specifically, so they don't bounce excessively during these times if you run into uneven pavement repeatedly while using this specific model of tire.


  • Provides excellent handling and braking capabilities under wet conditions

  • Self-cleaning abilities help increase braking power when accelerating out of corners

  • V-shaped and asymmetric grooves offer winter grip with great stability on snowy or icy roads


  • Cannot handle harsh weather conditions such as extremely cold temperatures

  • Low profile tire construction

Best High-Performance Tires for the Ford Escape 

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus

Continental presents the new ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus, an all-season tire for Ford Escape. The Continental DWS06 is designed to be long-lasting and provide a quiet ride with great traction in wet weather conditions.

The 235/55R17 size has an innovative patent-pending W+S Sipe Technology that enhances winter performance by increasing ground contact surface area, which improves snow grip and helps prevent hydroplaning, and increases overall stability during cornering. This also reduces rolling resistance compared to not having these sipes on your tires, resulting in even more fuel savings!

This model version features a ContiSilent technology design engineered tire noise reduction system that minimizes road or wind noises giving you peace of mind. This tire is great for Ford Escape owners looking to upgrade their ride with a long-lasting, high-quality product.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus - 235/55ZR17 99W Tire has no downside. This tire gives you a smooth ride while also being safe to drive on wet roads due to its advanced tread design. Some people may not like the tires because of their higher price point than other brands, but these tires are worth every penny because of their superior quality that will last longer compared to competitors.


  • All-Season Tire

  • Fuel-Efficient

  • Quiet Ride


  • It cannot be used in very wet areas

Cross Climate 2

Michelin's Grand Touring All-Season tire for drivers looking to have confidence in their choice from dry conditions through light snow. It meets severe winter service requirements, so you'll be ready no matter when there is more than an inch waiting on sidewalks near your home or business.

The tire is an excellent choice if you look for good quality and performance at a low price. It offers great value for money because it has maximum everything: durability, stability on the road, and comfort. The downside is that its lifespan might not be as long as other tires in this class period, but I guess we can say - nothing comes free!

This tire provides superior traction with deep grooves to help channel water away from the tire's contact patch. Another nice feature of these radial tires is their symmetrical tread pattern which helps remove dirt particles quickly during wet conditions. All-in-all they're just all-around one helluva bargain!


  • Superior traction with deep grooves to help channel water away from the contact patch of the tire

  • A symmetrical tread pattern helps remove dirt particles quickly during wet conditions


  • Shorter lifespan

The Extreme Contact DWS06

The Extreme Contact DWS06 is the ultimate SUV tire for all weather conditions. The directional tread design provides mud-scoop-like traction in deep snow while providing excellent dry performance with its advanced silica compound making it great on wet roads or light off-roading through sand and dirt.

Even better, The Extreme Contact DWS 06 PLUS  is a high-performance all-season tire. It has been designed with a symmetric tread pattern and wide circumferential grooves, which provide great traction in dry, wet, and snow conditions. The tire also has an anti-skid design for improved safety and comes with a 50,000-mile limited warranty.

Sizing Tire Pressure System (TOPS) technology ensures accurate pressure monitoring of the tire with a vehicle. This results in better handling and fuel economy, which is especially important to fleet operators who depend upon their vehicles daily. TOPS also reduces downtime caused by under inflation or over-inflation problems that are common when using traditional tire gauges.

Where the Extreme Contact does not shine is the tire pressure monitoring systems are not perfect. They may fail to detect a problem or issue with the tire itself, so drivers should check their tires every time they fill up on gas.


  • Great Dry Performance

  • Quiet Ride


  • Poor wet traction

Best Tires for the Ford Escape: Buying Guide

1. If your weather is mild, consider an all-season or an all-weather tire as a Ford Escape owner:

Suppose you live somewhere cold, snowy, or wet where it’s often hard to drive smoothly. Consider a winter tire as an Escape owner. They grip better than any other type of tires and can help keep your Ford safe on the road longer into the season when snow is still falling. Tires come in all shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use, whether comfort, speed, performance, or utility, such as with SUVs like your Escape.

2. If your weather is mild, consider an all-season or an all-weather tire as a Ford Escape owner. They provide decent traction and will do okay in warmer weather:

If you experience harsh winters and summers, then it’s in your best interest to get a winter and summer tire combination for the Ford Escape. Winter tires for the Ford Escape with studded treads. These are great in snow and ice, but they don’t work well on wet pavement or dry roads because they lack traction capabilities. Keep that in mind when choosing these tires. Make sure you get a specifically made set for your region, so you have more options to choose from.

Summer tires for the Ford Escape with no additional features like studding or deep grooves. They work best in climates where there isn’t much rain, sleet, or snow during the winter months because it doesn’t handle all road conditions very well. It also allows you to drive at high speeds since summer tire compounds are stiffer, which provides a better response.

Consider an all-season tire for the Ford Escape that can effectively handle different road conditions. It works excellent in both dry and wet weather but tends to slip on ice, so make sure you have winter tires as well. This is also an affordable option because it doesn’t require additional features like studding or grooves, making them easier to manufacture than summer and winter tires.

The best type of tire you should get for your Ford Escape depends on how much exposure there is to changes in climate. If you are located somewhere with harsh winters, then look into getting special winter tires. If summers are pretty mild, it’s best to go with a summer tire because they can handle dry and wet weather. Also, they don’t require any studding or special grooves. All-season tires can manage different conditions. You need to choose one specifically designed for your region, so there are more options available.

3. If you own a Ford Escape, getting a high-performance tire is a must if you plan on some sprinted driving:

Get better tires because the Ford Escape has low-profile or 18-inch wheels. This means it will handle well both wet and dry road conditions and light rain to heavy snow. It should grip nicely on asphalt roads, curbs, and dirt roads. But still, allow for speed without too much slipping or dragging. These tire chains could replace those high-performance tires with ease. Ford Escape owners should consider a tire with a high but not too much speed rating. It makes sense to get the best one for their driving needs and avoid replacing those tires often.

Finally, if you want to enhance your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy, investing in a set of high-performance tires is the right choice. They also have an excellent wet grip that offers enhanced control while driving on slippery surfaces. They also provide great handling capabilities because of their low-profile design, so mounting them won’t be a problem at all. Also, they are however quite pricey but buying from reputable dealers will give you some discounts from time to time.

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