Best Tires for BMW 328i

Best Tires for BMW 328i

BMW is an industry giant in the luxury vehicles segment. The company is well-known for offering exciting driving experience while ensuring the overall comfort and safety. And, the BMW 328i is a perfect example of that. It’s a performance sedan that you can enjoy down on a windy road, especially thanks to the dynamic chassis, awesome handling and a dynamic engine.

Although, the BMW 328i offers amazing driving dynamics along with a great sense of comfort, you’ll still need to install a good set of tires in it. And, on a performance-oriented vehicle, like the BMW 328i, the tires have much more work to do. Firstly, the tires should provide you with an excellent cornering grip, sufficient traction and strong braking.

Moreover, the tires should be quiet and comfortable. There’s no doubt that the 328i is aimed at enthusiast drivers, but it’s still a premium performance sedan. So, it’s crucial for the tires to be durable. Furthermore, you need to find a set of tires that will suit your driving style and the weather in your region. Go through this guide to find out the best tires for BMW 328i according to your needs and driving style.

Best Touring All-Season Tires for the BMW 328i

1.Michelin Premier A/s

 Ride Quality: 9   Noise Comfort: 8   Handling: 8   Traction: 9

The Michelin Premier A/s is one of the closest tires to perfection when it comes to the BMW 328i. Although, it’s an all-season tire but Michelin has done a great job in providing these tires with excellent handling.

However, the cornering grip isn’t as perfect as the other performance tires, but it comes very close to it. Also, you never tell the difference if you aren’t a hardcore car enthusiast. The Premier A/s is favorable in terms of grip, traction, steering feel and responsiveness as compared to other all-season tires.

The best thing about these tires is the wet traction which is probably the finest in the category. Additionally, it comes with the EverTread technology that widens the grooves on the tire as it wears down, keeping the wet traction intact.

These tires mainly aim on the performance but still manage to be quiet and comfortable, like the other Michelin tires. That said, the 60,000 miles tread wear warranty is lesser than the competition and the price is highest in the segment.


  • Best-in-class Dry Cornering Grip and Traction

  • Responsive Steering Feel

  • Excellent Wet Traction

  • Smooth Ride Quality

  • EverTread Technology keeps the Tire Safe in Wet Conditions

  • Road Noise is Suppressed Very Well


  • Less Tread Life and Short Treadwear Warranty

  • Expensive

2.Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

 Ride Quality: 9   Noise Comfort: 10   Handling: 8   Traction: 9

The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack tires are made for the drivers that mostly care about performance of the vehicle. Bridgestone did a great job by reducing the noise, as a result the tire remains almost silent at highway speeds. These tires offer an awesome ride quality, both over smaller and larger imperfections.

Despite the phenomenal comfort levels, these Michelin tires manage to provide you with a predictable handling. The tire isn’t the most responsive around, but the best thing is that it offers enough cornering grip, amazing traction, and strong braking.

The wet performance of the Bridgestone Turanza is quite impressive, with good traction, short braking distances and exceptional hydroplaning resistance. Also, it offers one of the best treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles.


  • The Quietest and Most Comfortable Tire for BMW 328i

  • Predictable Handling and Good Cornering Grip

  • Amazing Wet Traction and Exception Hydroplaning Resistance

  • Highly-Functional in Light Snow

  • 80,000 Miles Treadwear Warranty


  • Expensive

  • Less Responsive as Compared to the Competition

3.Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

 Ride Quality: 8   Noise Comfort: 8   Handling: 9   Traction: 9

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tires are a great choice for BMW 328i owners who want to save a bit on cash. It’s much affordable as compared to the premium competition, while also employing some advanced technologies.

On the road, the tire manages to hide its budget nature by providing responsive steering feel, great cornering grip, excellent traction and short braking distances.

Furthermore, the CS5 Ultra Touring is known for its traction in rainy conditions. It offers amazing wet performance and the tire is easily controllable as well. The noise isn’t a big issue with these tires, and the tire really ride well over the bumps.

The Cooper CS5 provides a 70,000 miles treadwear warranty, which is surely a great deal according to the price.


  • Responsive Steering

  • Great Cornering Grip and Traction

  • Best Wet Traction in the Segment

  • Strong Braking on both Dry as well as Wet Surfaces

  • Amazing Tread Life

  • Long Treadwear Warranty


  • Snow Traction Falls Behind the Premium Competition

4.Bridgestone DriveGuard

 Ride Quality: 8   Noise Comfort: 9   Handling: 8   Traction: 7

The Bridgestone DriveGuard is one the most capable run-flat tires available in the market. This is because, the tires are made lighter, which helps in enhancing the performance and handling.

On the road, these tires offer great handling and drive quality. Also, the steering is responsive, and doesn’t damage the ride quality too much. It’s often considered as the most comfortable run-flat tires. And, we need to mention that Bridgestone has done a great job in suppressing the noise levels of these tires even at very high speeds.

With a great cornering grip, this tire also offers enough traction and braking on dry roads. The DriveGuard Tires continues to impress on the wet roads, as it provides controllable handling, traction and good hydroplaning resistance. However, the snow traction is the only area where these tires doesn’t impress. But that’s common for an all-season tire. It comes with a 60,000 miles treadwear warranty, which is pretty decent.


  • Excellent Dry Cornering Grip and Traction

  • Best-in-class Wet Traction and Handling

  • Awesome Ride Quality

  • Whisper-quiet Ride

  • Significant Treadwear Warranty


  • Poor Snow Traction and Braking

5.Continental ContiProContact SSR

 Ride Quality: 8   Noise Comfort: 8   Handling: 7   Traction: 7

The Continental ContiProContact SSR is another highly capable run-flat tire, suitable for BMW 328i. Despite the stiffer sidewalls that support the tire in case of pressure loss, these tires still offer a great sense of comfort. It irons out smaller as well larger bumps and it’s also quiet.

The ContiProContact SSR is capable of handling everyday tasks with ease. It provides a responsive steering feel, and the tire feels direct and eager. The cornering grip of this tire is one of the best in the grand touring category. With short braking distances and exceptional traction, this tire is an all-round package for the BMW 328i.

The wet traction of this tire is surprisingly good, but the light-snow traction and braking are only average. The ContiProContact SSR comes with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles, which is not bad for a run-flat tire.


  • One of the Best Cornering Grip in the Segment

  • Responsive Steering Feel and Handling

  • Comfortable Ride Quality

  • Remarkable Hydroplaning Resistance

  • Wet Traction is Great


  • Average Snow and Ice Traction

  • Some Owners Report Accelerated Treadwear

Best Ultra High-Performance Tire for the BMW 328i

1.Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

 Ride Quality: 9   Noise Comfort: 8   Handling: 9   Traction: 8

If you’re a true car enthusiast then all-season tires might not be your first choice for performance driving. But you need to try the ExtremeContact DWS 06. For sure, the Continental’s all-season performance offering won’t replace a proper summer tire, but it comes very close. And, you won’t be able to tell the difference, at least on the streets.

This tire feels eager and sharp, just like a summer performance tire. The cornering grip is also perfect. This Continental tire provides great performance even on wet roads. The tire remains surefooted in heavy rains, which enhances the driver’s confidence. And, the hydroplaning resistance is also impressive.

The Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires are known for lasting very long. It comes with a 50,000 miles treadwear warranty. If it wasn’t for noisy operations on the rough roads, these tires would’ve been perfect.


  • Amazing Cornering Grip on Dry Roads

  • Outstanding Traction and Short Braking Distances

  • Responsive and Precise Handling

  • Surprisingly Great Overall Performance in the Rain

  • Long Tread Life, especially for an Ultra High-Performance Tire


  • Noisy on Rough Pavements

Best Summer Tire for the BMW 328i

1.Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

 Ride Quality: 9   Noise Comfort: 9   Handling: 9   Traction: 10 

If you are willing to improve the handling of your BMW 328i without compromising with the comfort, then Pilot Sport 4S is the ultimate choice for you. This is Michelin’s newest addition to the max-performance summer lineup and it’s the most capable tire in the lineup when it comes to performance.

At first, the tire may not feel as responsive as the competition, but the tire communicated really well with the driver. And, the cornering grip of this tire is almost racing-level, and the same goes for braking and traction.

So, the Pilot Sport 4S is definitely a treat for the drivers on dry roads. But you don’t need to worry about the rain, as it continues to impress even on the wet roads. This tire feels surefooted in the rain and gives you the ability to push forward. It comes with a 30,000 miles treadwear warranty, which is good for a performance tire.


  • Exceptional Cornering Grip

  • Acceleration, Traction and Braking are Sublime

  • Outstanding Wet Grip and Traction

  • Precise and Direct Steering

  • Quiet for a Max-performance Tire


  • Doesn’t Feel Razor-Sharp as Other Max-Performance Premium Tires

  • Expensive

Best Winter Tire for BMW 328i

1.Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

 Ride Quality: 9   Noise Comfort: 8   Handling: 9   Traction: 9

If you are looking for best studless winter tire for the BMW 328i, then Blizzak WS90 would be great choice for you. Snow becomes almost a non-issue with this tire. The traction is also amazing, and you won’t face any issue in accelerating. Also, the braking distance of this tire is shortest in the segment. The handling feels safe and surefooted.

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 beats the close competition by offering phenomenal traction and braking even on the ice. And, the Bridgestone’s winter offering feels extremely safe in wet conditions and drives well even on the dry roads.

Bridgestone claims that the Blizzak WS90 gets an improved treadwear warranty. However, they should’ve provided a treadwear warranty on the tire, just like its close competitor Michelin. Moreover, this tire could be expensive for some buyers, but that shouldn’t be an issue for the 328i owners.


  • Better than the Competition in winter conditions

  • Exceptional Snow Traction

  • Shortest Braking Distance in the Segment

  • Phenomenal Wet Traction and Hydroplaning Resistance


  • The Company Doesn’t Provide Any Treadwear Warranty

Best Tires for the BMW 328i: Buying Guide


Not all the tires are suitable for all the pavements or roads. Sometimes, the road can be wet and other times it can be dry. So, how would you determine which tire will work best on the different types of pavements? Well, here’s what you need to know.

If you live or frequently travel to snowy or icy region then go for winter tires. But if you live in an area where most of the year is summer, then you may go for summer tires or some other tire that first the dry pavements.

The people who go through both seasons can rely on all-season tires. These tires could also be a great choice if you almost pass every type of pavement.

Tire Type:

When it comes to choosing between different types of tires, then touring tires fit exceptionally well for BMW 328i. These tires offer great driving dynamics, while also providing overall comfort to make your ride smooth.

But you must keep in mind that these tires aren’t so quiet. And, who likes to listen to annoying noise when they are already suffering the rough roads? Apart from this, touring tires provide better fuel economy.

And, with all these facilities, you get outstanding longevity. So, touring tires are recommended for the BMW 328i. However, you may also choose Ultra High-Performance if you are a driving enthusiast.


Pick up the tires that provides you with responsive handling. And, high-performance tires are crafted to give you the absolute handling experience. Moreover, these tires offer ultimate stability even at higher speeds. So, if you are someone who often drives on a highway, then you need to ensure that your car’s handling facility is impressive.


Braking matters a lot when we talk about the overall safety of your car. The shorter the braking distance, the safer you are! So, always look for a tire that have shorter braking distances. The major benefit of it is that if you are driving at higher speeds, when you push the brakes, the car will stop in shortest possible distance and time. Hence, it can save you from some serious accidents on the road.


No matter which tires you install in the car, the traction of the tire is a thing that you can’t avoid. Furthermore, the resistance between the ground and tire should be balanced. Traction also plays a vital role in ensuring the performance on dry pavements and especially on the wet pavements.

Concluding Thoughts

So, these were some of the best tires for the BMW 328i, along with a detailed guide for purchasing the ideal tires for your car. You can choose any of these tires as they all are best in their own aspect. In the end, it’s crucial to choose the tires according to your needs and budget.

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