Best Tires for the Jeep Patriot

Best Tires for a Jeep Patriot

Many people consider venturing off-road every once in a while. Fishing, a house in the middle of the woods, or a bit of adventure, the list goes on and on. To comply to the needs, many people considered the Jeep Patriot, a crossover SUV designed to tackle both asphalt and a fair bit of rough roads. Such a versatile vehicle needs good tires; otherwise you will miss out the authentic Jeep experience or the on-road serenity this SUV can provide. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best tires available for the Jeep Patriot.

Best All-Terrain Tires for the Jeep Patriot

1.Falken Tires A/T Trail

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort: 7 Handling: 8 Traction: 8

Falken Tires is renowned for its off-roading capabilities. They have a tire for all kinds of users, including the most extreme ones. The Falken Tires A/T Trail were designed for people who fancy going off-road every now and then, regardless of conditions. Not only that, but they are actually quite good as a winter tire.

They feature a tread life warranty of 65,000 miles, which isn’t too shabby when you consider that you’re also getting a 3PMSF certification to boot. The rubber compound was designed with versatility in mind, going to great lengths so they can provide a capable CUV tire. The sidewall is made out of two plies which add all the strength you would ever need from an all-terrain tire without sacrificing comfort too much.

The tread pattern is composed of many highly angular blocks which assist with traction on gravel and dirt. Many sipes cross each individual block aimed at improving the tire’s overall flexibility and water traction. On asphalt, the contact patch is significant which means that there won’t be any major grip losses across the board. Water performance should be all right, thanks to the same sipes. Snow performance is also quite good, being a very capable design from the get-go.

Mellowness is the tire’s forte and weakness. Pushing it hard will cause it to slip. Summer performance could be improved, seeing how the compound, while versatile, is soft and prone to shredding in torrid days. Noise generation is also significant, but such is the life of an all-terrain tire.


  • Decent both on and off the road

  • Comfortable for an all-terrain tire

  • An impressive 65,000-mile tread life warranty


  • Will lose grip if pushed too hard

  • Summer performance could be significantly better

  • Plenty of noise generated from the tire

Best Touring tires for the Jeep Patriot

1.Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort: 7 Handling: 8 Traction: 9

A no fuss touring tire, aimed at one thing and one thing only, tread life and durability. If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that is nothing short of mild and you only care about the tire’s life span and nothing else in particular, then the Goodyear Assurance MaxLife is the best choice.

Its goal is simple, provide half-decent performance all-around but excel in strength and wear resistance. The sidewalls aren’t anything special, a regular single ply polyester casing which supports the circumferential steel belts. Overall, it’s compliant, offering a very composed and average experience. A warranty of 85,000 miles is what the compound ultimately offers, impressive to say the least.

The tread pattern looks simple without anything sophisticated. Symmetric in design, the 3 center ribs are cut across every now and then by a few short sipes, small but thick channels, and separated by adequately sized grooves. Wet performance is good, comfort is all right, traction and on-center feel is great. A suitable tire all-around.

Its faults aren’t many. Snow performance is abysmal. Don’t expect it to be a knight in shining armor to save you from some fallen snow. The tire is also quite noisy, but you can’t expect them all. To achieve this impressive tread life warranty, Goodyear had to increase the tire blocks ever so slightly, which sadly makes this tire a little bit squishy and probably off-putting to some.


  • A staggering 85,000-mile tread life warranty

  • Decent amount of feedback

  • Quite comfortable for such a long-lasting tire

  • Alright performance across the board


  • Horrible snow performance

  • Horrible snow performance

  • Noise absorption isn’t great

2.Yokohama Avid Ascend LX

Ride Quality: 10 Noise Comfort: 8 Handling: 7 Traction: 7

A tire built for those who live in damp climates, because some poor folks regularly see rain and water. To protect yourself and stay safe, getting a tire capable in such weather is paramount to your overall integrity, if you would call it that. Yokohama developed the Avid Ascend LX to do just that.

Environmental friendliness was a goal of theirs, along with fantastic performance in the dry and wet. As such, they developed their own specific rubber blend. It’s quite resistant too, packing an outstanding tread life warranty of 85,000 miles for all you people who have places to go even if it’s pouring outside. The sidewall is soft, providing a great deal of comfort for the occupants.

There are a multitude of sipes on each tire block, aided by an average center rib. They aim at removing the water from the contact patch by giving it somewhere to go, while the latter helps at directing the water towards the outside of the tire, all while providing decent on-center feel. The shoulders also present many sipes, aimed at doing the exact same thing, but during heavy turning.

Issues are quite simple. While it’s highly comfortable, this trait also provides some downsides. Tests proved that breaking performance is poor, the tire starting to deform slightly longitudinally. The same behavior happens when hard turns are taken, but the tire deforms laterally. As such, its behavior on the road is somewhat peculiar.


  • Plush and comfortable

  • 85,000 miles tread life warranty despite its softness

  • Good traction in dry conditions

  • Great traction in wet conditions


  • Braking performance could be better

  • Softness produces peculiar characteristics while turning

  • Lateral traction could be better

3.Hankook Kinergy ST

Ride Quality: 8 Noise Comfort: 8 Handling: 9 Traction: 8

Compared to the other tires, the Hankook Kinergy ST is geared towards the tougher and more composed side. This means that you won’t have major squishiness, uncertainty, or weird behavior coming from the tire. 

A simple tire at heart which does everything right. The compound is highly resistant, sporting a 70,000 miles tread life warranty. Sidewalls are quite composed and geared towards being tougher, so you’re free to push this tire as much as you can through corners. A balanced and enjoyable experience, to say the least.

As far as the tread pattern is concerned, it’s quite simple with no major fusses. The tire blocks are angular and cut across by a couple of sipes each, providing with the needed performance in wet conditions. The on-center feel should be quite good, thanks to an intricate center rib design. The grooves are quite generous, and the same can be said about the cuts and channels, making it quite resistant to aquaplaning. Rolling resistance should also be quite good and worth mentioning.

Its lower points are as following: longitudinal traction due to grip, noise generated, and snow performance. The contact patch isn’t that big thanks to those grooves and channels. Snow performance wasn’t this tire’s goal, so don’t expect miracles in the winter. Noise generated is all right, but significant in rapport to the other tires on the market.


  • Good feedback

  • Great rolling resistance

  • Capable overall


  • Longitudinal grip could be better

  • A bit of noise is generated from the tire

  • Snow performance is bad

Best All-Weather Tires for the Jeep Liberty 

1.Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Ride Quality: 7 Noise Comfort: 7 Handling: 9 Traction: 9

If you regularly see warm summers but harsh winters, there aren’t many tires around to satisfy such diverse criteria. However, Goodyear made the Assurance WeatherReady, which suits this kind of driver to a T.

The compound is special, derived from soy, aiming at giving the tire a great range of operating temperatures. This suits the all-weather demeanor nicely. Indeed, the sidewalls are also quite soft but rigid enough to not turn your car into a wheeled boathouse. An all-terrain tire wouldn’t exist without a 3PMSF certification, and the 60,000 miles of tread life warranty isn’t unwelcome either.

Highly asymmetrical in design, the tread pattern aims at providing a myriad of features and let the asphalt chose what it needs. Sipes are plentiful, more than enough for wet driving. A center rib coupled with their 3D TredLock Technology Blades aims at providing decent on-center feel. Snow performance is fantastic, thanks to the many angular surfaces and zigzag sipes. 

Comfort isn’t its strong suit. There’s a lot of noise let inside the cabin, the ride is somewhat harsh, and the tire is expensive. There aren’t any true affordable all-weather tires, so that downside is at the very least to be expected.


  • Capable in all kinds of weather

  • Good in the summer, great in the winter

  • Durable


  • Quite stiff

  • Somewhat noisy

  • Price is significant

2.Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Ride Quality: 9 Noise Comfort: 8 Handling: 8 Traction: 8

Another tire highly capable in all kinds of weather, slightly more biased towards warmer and wetter climates and opposed to thick snowfall. Vredestein really started to take a shot at the higher spots, especially in the all-weather category, and to be frank it does rather well indeed. 

Its high-silica and high-resin compound aims at keeping the tire softer in colder temperatures, without sacrificing overall feel and dry performance. The sidewalls are rugged, not tough, but solid enough to provide good feedback and confidence. A 50,000-mile tread life warranty backs the tire up, along with the mandatory 3PMSF certification.

Although it appears symmetrical at first glance, this tire is ever so slightly asymmetrical thanks to the angle at which all the sipes are placed and located. There are countless sipes on this tire, making it fantastic both in dry conditions, wet conditions, and wintery conditions alike. Water evacuation is good, making it truly capable in hydroplaning situations. Calm, composed, and confident is what the Vredestein Quatrac Pro is all about.

As in traditional all-weather fashion goes, the tire is expensive, tough, and noisy. That’s the general consensus that an all-weather tire gives, simply because you can’t get such good traction without sacrificing from somewhere. As such, most manufacturers sacrifice comfort and price in order to provide a tailored all-weather experience to anybody out there.


  • Amazing wet performance

  • Rolling resistance isn’t too shabby

  • Great dry performance

  • Respectable winter performance


  • Quite expensive in this size

  • Somewhat stiff

  • Generally noisy

Best Winter Tires for the Jeep Liberty

1.Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Ride Quality: 8 Noise Comfort: 7 Handling: 9 Traction: 9

One of the most capable winter tires out there right now. Anyone who suggests anything else should reconsider. If you need a winter tire in a Jeep Patriot because the weather is simply that bad, all you can do is bring out the big guns. In this case, the guns are the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90, built for snow and, more importantly, ice driving. This is where the WS90 takes the cake compared to any other all-weather or all-season tire out there.

The compound is tough but compliant, Bridgestone pouring a lot of engineering time developing such a rubber mixture, developed at keeping it soft and compliant when the weather turns for the horrendous. The technology is called Multi-Cell, having smaller teeth enclosed in the rubber which should act like small studs. The sidewalls are surprisingly tough for a winter tire, still soft in comparison to anything else, but tough in an attempt to avoid all kinds of lateral and longitudinal flex. 

When looking at the tread pattern, we are greeted with a classical center rib pattern with many angular faces for snow to grip to. This aims at bringing back that on-center feel that many tires offer in the summer. Sipes are plentiful, helping at keeping the tire maneuverable in such cold conditions, while still providing adequate performance in all kinds of wet weather.

That’s where the good points end. Dry performance isn’t all that great, performing fine only when the temperatures are really low. As expected from a winter tire, the ride is also quite noisy. Also, there’s the problem of running out of Multi-Cells, which means that after you’ve worn down some of the tires, you will be greeted with Bridgestone’s best available winter compound.


  • Great snow and ice performance

  • Significant on-center feel

  • Wet weather is decent


  • Wear will be poor

  • Noise generated is significant

  • Dry performance should be improved

Best Tires for the Jeep Patriot: A buying guide

  1. For most users out there, an all-season or all-weather tire is more than enough for their Jeep Patriot

Most climates can be easily classified as mild. Such a climate has temperatures which range from 20 F up to 85 F. As such, at most you will see a handful of snow, at most a bit of ice, and warmer days without being uncomfortable. 

For these climates, an all-season tire is more than adequate. You will have all the grip you ever need in most conditions, and sufficient grip when they turn for the worse. At most, you will have to drive carefully for a small period of time, to avoid dangerous situations. If you repeatedly see such conditions, or you’re uncomfortable with them whenever they happen, get a pair of all-weather tires.

All-weather tires are designed to have a greater temperature range, with 5 extra degrees at each of the limits. Most of the time, this added leeway is all that you ever need to stay safe on the roads. Not only that, but you can get all-weather tires which slightly improve one season’s performance while greatly enhancing another’s. That way you will be significantly more protected against a season you find yourself most uncomfortable in, or a season which is more dominant than others.

  1. If your climate varies wildly, it’s in your best interest to get a pair of summer tires and a pair of winter tires for your Jeep Patriot

There are a few unlucky individuals who live in highly variable climates, who often find themselves in temperatures under 5 F or above 95 F. If this is the case, you will be required to get two sets of tires, one for fall and winter and another for spring and summer. That’s ideally anyway.

There are plenty of tires which do fine in spring, summer, and fall, but can’t perform in your winters at all. As such, you can get that tire for most seasons while getting a dedicated winter tire to cope with the tough conditions. Similarly, maybe your fall, winter, and spring are milder while the summer is torrid. You can get an all-season tire capable in the wet for the fall and the winter and switch them around for spring and summer to a high-performance summer tire which doesn’t mind hot days.

Not doing so if the weather is constantly changing and majorly can lead to many issues down the road. Tires which were worn down before their age, understeering and oversteering, punctures, braking issues, and a myriad of other problems. To avoid these, get two sets of tires.

  1. If you find yourself enjoying off-roading, consider acquiring two sets of tires, one for spring and fall, and an all-terrain one for fall and winter for your Jeep Patriot.

More often than not, all-terrain tires are very capable in the snow. As such, you could consider buying an all-terrain tire for fall and winter use and get another set for summer use. The only issue would be that you will need to also have two sets of rims, if you ever want to go off-roading in any other season. Otherwise, you will have to go to a tire shop to switch them around which simply is unfeasible.

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