Best Tire for Nissan Altima

Best Tire for Nissan Altima

There is always the temptation to test the limits of your Nissan Altima on the highway, and of course, other places such as dirt roads, and nobody can blame you. Altima is a very practical and enjoyable vehicle. 

But whether you are an adventurous gearhead or the always too careful one, you will eventually need new tires. It's as certain as death and taxes. No doubt!

You see, your main contact with the road is down to the tires. The type you choose for your Altima will determine your driving experience and safety. That said, which is the best tire for Nissan Altima?

We pick a few of the best-rated tires for your Altima. 

Best All-Season Tire for Nissan Altima: Michelin Defender T+H


Michelin Defender T+H combines the latest technology to combine a much-improved compound and rubber to be one of the most durable tires for your Altima. In addition, an asymmetrical tread pattern combines with the Evertread compound, and together with higher levels of silica, the tire demonstrates a consistent grip and better traction on wet surfaces. 

But some users had an issue with the overall tread life. The tire maker later addressed it, and you can now enjoy longer tire life and save some cash in the long run. 

The tire features interlocking zigzag sipes throughout, which gives it impressive performance on wet surfaces. And thanks to Michelin's Intellisipe Technology, the tire has biting edges. This is from the added sipes for decent snow performance, a particular feature that sets the Michelin tire apart from the competition. 

But what about road noise?

Michelin uses Comfort Control Technology to quieten and smooth the ride. The overall ride is comfortable, and you can enjoy your evening ride down the highway. It is actually therapeutic after a long day in the office and trying to make ends meet. Michelin Defender T+H is one of the few tires to provide consistent all-around performance. 


  • Long-lasting tire for your Altima

  • Provides a consistent grip and improved traction on wet surfaces

  • Better snow and ice performance for an all-season tire

  • It supports a smooth and quiet ride

  • It comes with a long tread warranty of 80k miles


  • Does not perform too well on deep snow

  • Some users complain about tread life

Best All-Weather Tire for Your Nissan Altima: Premier A/S


Several other tire manufacturers have used Premier A/S as a benchmark tire, which tells you a lot about its quality. The manufacturer uses the latest technology to enhance its performance in any weather. In addition, the use of EverGrip safety technology gives the tire impressive performance on wet surfaces. 

This technology removes water from the surface for a better grip, and the same case applies to the snowy and icy roads you will encounter. The improved sipes and sunflower oil give the tire biting edges for a better grip on ice and snow. On the other hand, the rain grooves expand as the tires wear, and so wet traction improves over time. 

The wear continues to reveal new grooves that were previously hidden, and they provide additional traction on ice and water by effectively evacuating water. The tire performs like new even though it is old. 

Certainly, a durable tire is ideal as it reduces the cost in the long run. Premier A/S incorporates twin steel belts for more strength and robustness on the road. And as a sign of confidence in the tire, Michelin gives buyers up to 60,000 miles warranty. 


  • Manufactured using high technology

  • Very effective on wet surfaces

  • Good grip on snow and ice

  • Better durability than others

  • Up to 60,000 miles warranty


  • The tire is a bit costly for some people

Best Touring Tire for Nissan Altima: Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack